TNPSC Exam schedule/List of Exam for 2014-2015

TNPSC for a period of one year exam schedule has been released . The Vao exam covering 2342 vacancy , including 29 types of job vacancy is announced all along with this schedule . Tamil Nadu Public service commission ( TNPSC ) Year Exam schedule has been prepared for the year 2014-15 . Broadway where the Head office of TNPSC is located announced the TNPSC Exam schedule for the year 2014-2015 last evening . TNPSC the Secretary Vijay Kumar and sobana, respective officials received by the control .

Navanithakrishnan Interview :

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission announced the year schedule for  2014-2015. It has 29 recruitment announcements . The Group 2 exam Walk -free workplaces were 1181 , 2342 in vieo empty workspace , engineering exam 98 empty workspace , Group 5 and 25 vacant posts are filled in a exam . tnpsc website is published for the exam schedule . Selectors can explore it .

This list has been released that can be used to test takers themselves . The exam will be followed by Tamil Nadu government has announced 69 per cent reservation . Competition is tough now . Therefore , test takers have to try hard to win . Those applying for the examination of their educational certificates , caste certificate , certificate of reservation , alternative candidate for certification and taught in Tamil certificates must be submitted properly . In this case, do not do any kind of abuse .

If you submit properly certified test results can be published as soon as possible . On August 25, the last of the 5,566 vacant posts of Group 4 option was to supplement the written examination . Around 13 million people who wrote the exam . Editing tasks, concluded that 80 percent of the exam answer sheet . The results will be published at the end of this month or the first week of next month . Delays caused by the selectors to choose the right certificates alikkatate . With 600 employees work there is to do . Therefore , the selectors have proper certification .

Similarly , Group 2 has been selected on July 6 , Group ‘7 B ‘ Exam May 2nd week , Group ‘1 A ‘ option on September 14 , Group 4 Exam on October 19 , Group ‘3 A ‘option on November 15 , Group ‘1 B ‘ Exam December 7 , Group 1 exams next week will be held April 3 . How many vacant posts will be published after the announcement of the exam . Already , the number of published vacancy workplace s rise is unlikely to fall apart . Thus navanitakirusnan said .

Incomplete Table

Last year, the schedule for the year 2013-2014 was released on 31.1.13 . Then , there are many vacant posts ? , Choose the details , including the day of the release. However , currently only a few choices in the list of published work has been declared vacant . The other choice is said to be announced later . Choose the table somehow , neither he suggested that the release of the selectors .

7 choices do not end

Year 27 exams in the exam schedule for 2013-14 were announced . 10.105 workplaces which have been empty . The Group 1 exam 25 workspace , Group 2 in the 1064 Work Group 1 B option 4 in the workspace , Group 1 exam 79 workspace , Madras High Court serviced exam 268 workplaces , Group 4 selectors 5,566 vacant posts unfulfilled there . This , after all choices have resulted not only in the first stage written examination . 6 tests results have not come yet . One option is to take the counseling .

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